The "Photographic-Naturalistic Observatory of the Carvignone Forest" project has among its aims the recovery of the natural balance of this area.  
With targeted interventions such as the creation of clearings, small permanent wetlands and planting of trees and shrubs at these altitudes, a restoration of more natural conditions of the forest environment.  
In this way, the diversification of the species present, both plant and animal, is promoted favorable repercussions on the surrounding environment.  
The monitoring of flora and fauna, also carried out with remote video observation tools, guarantees the possibility of planning restoration interventions and consolidating the educational dissemination activity over time with the involvement of local realities and schools.


A nature trail extends for approximately 300 meters with 3 educational stations for in-depth information on fauna and flora. Numerous aids will allow you to come into contact with the most fascinating and unknown aspects of the complex biology of the forest ecosystem.